In the Scan-Drink e-shop you will find control and dispensing systems for spirits, as well as a comprehensive program of accessories for café, bar and nightclubs.

Scan-drink Liquor Control Systems ensures precise metering. Every time. This means that you can safely leave the bar to your employees without regard as to whether or not they over pours or send free drinks over the bar at an inattentive moment. In addition, the dispensing is faster, and the individual bartender can thus serve more customers. This means lower staff costs for you as bar owner or beverage manager.


  • Liquor Control Systems
    <p>There are many profit leaks in bar business: wastage, spillage, bartenders giving away too many free drinks, even downright theft or just using the cash register incorrectly by accident. .</p> <p>No matter how the wastage occurs, it reduces your profit. You can do really much with measured pourers, but if you really want to reduce your waste percent, so you must have a liquor control system.</p> <p>A liquor control system ensures that there is control of dispensing, and it is a security for both you and your employees. Unlike measured pourers, the liquor control system gives you the full view and increase your revenue.</p> <p>The liquor control system is an investment that quickly pays off.</p>
  • Accessories
    <p>Pourers, Heat Shrink Seals etc.</p>
  • Wall Racks
    <p>Wall Mounted Systems</p>

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